Our Services

Atharva is a leader in the eCommerce industry. Through dedication and constant innovation we have continued to grow our company, becoming one of the top 500 fastest growing companies in the United States. As a multi-national retailer we can also offer your brand placement through the most popular domestic and international marketplaces. We invite you to join us on this journey and see how we can help take your brand to new heights. Contact us today, we would love to join forces and grow together.


We provide general marketing expertise along with well designed plans to elevate your brand. The proper analysis and solutions will make all the difference when growing a fledgling brand or reinvigorating an established one.

Market Development

The key to developing new and current markets lies in creating the correct growth strategy. We are experts at identifying new market segments and fully exploiting current ones to help your brand succeed.

Active Management

Today’s equivalent to a retail storefront window is your product listing. The presentation of details and pictures provided to a customer will determine the future sales of your product. The understanding of ways to engage the customer along with keywords, title lengths, and other factors are essential in driving traffic to your product.


We assist with the preservation of brand integrity by providing advice in fields including developing and enforcing “Minimum Advertised Pricing” policies, prohibiting online retailers from altering product pages, assisting with the removal of counterfeiters, and so much more. Using our experience we can help grow your brand online the right way.

Product Development

We know the ins and outs of what sells and what doesn’t, how it sells and how it shouldn’t be sold. Using our experience we can assist with your brand’s product development, in turn assisting with the growth of your brand.


Using proprietary software and constant innovation we have nearly automated our entire product life cycle. From purchasing to arrival on our clients doorstep.

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